Devising Activity Pack for A Level AQA

Supporting AQA Component 2: Creating Original Drama

The activities are diverse and inspiring E Haynes, HoD and Independent Reviewer

30 original, stand-alone activity worksheets to guide your students step by step through the devising process.

Split into three progressive sections mirroring the spec:

  1. Creating and developing – use chronologically to channel students’ creativity into mark-winning pieces
  2. Devised performance or design realisation – mix and match to provide focus and inject energy
  3. Analysis and evaluation – break the process into bite-sized chunks and transform notes into first-class Working Notebooks

Perfect to supplement or shape any scheme of work:

  • Ensure students meet all relevant AOs and spec requirements with detailed teacher guidance
  • Use as a basis for a teacher-led workshop, or encourage autonomy by giving straight to students
  • Focus on Working Notebook as well as performance – show students how to gain marks

Plus! Includes overview grid with timings for quick and easy planning