‘The Key Cases’ for AS and A Level OCR Law

Redesigned with new cases
and activities for the
new specification!

Boost exam recall with this bank of stimulating, easy-to-use, topic-by-topic activities. Ensure they know the key Acts of Parliament and cases that will help them to achieve the highest possible grades in the new 2017 OCR specification.

Every topic includes a variety of activities designed to reinforce different skills

  1. Learn: Learning Grids help students to recognise the outcomes and significance of each case and increases understanding – a great, easy-to-set homework task!
  2. Reinforce: ‘Match-up’ and ‘Dominoes’ provide a useful bank of starter and plenary tasks to help reinforce knowledge of key cases.
  3. Revise: ‘Flash cards’ and ‘make your own glossary’ are ready-made for revision and ensure students retain the key information.
Revision CD includes ‘Match-up’ Dominoes and Flash Card PDFs
  • A ready-made reference list for OCR Law
  • Clear ‘at a glance’ summaries, making cases easier to recall in an exam
  • Promotes active learning & supports weaker learners through structured activities
A useful and timely resource… it promotes the accurate revision and recall of a number of key cases, which is essential for success in this subject. P Emerton, Teacher & Ind. Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8988)

I like this resource and the emphasis on authority as this is an area that student do struggle with in Law, especially students in year 12. The case match up activities in this resource are a particular strength I think. They allow students to focus on the legal principles of cases as opposed to facts... I very much liked the “case studies grids”. I think these will provide some structure and guidance for students to keep on top of the case law they learn. The case match up tasks will be particularly useful for starters and plenaries. I also liked that authority for both the narrow and wide interpretations of the Golden Rule have been specified. – E Nash, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Very detailed useful resource with both interactive aspects (matching pairs) at the start of the handout, before, this moves on to the comprehensive case lists towards the back of the handout... The resource is very useful - concise case digest for Year 12 students who I am finding struggle significantly with remembering cases. The concise list of statutes is also extremely helpful and can be used by the students to test each other and therefore, enhance their learning. – L Rainford, Teacher and Independent reviewer

This resource is going to be most helpful for stretching the most able and for those who are going on to study law at university, especially as we teach to the AS in year one. - S Harwood, Teacher

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8987)

Useful writing frames for students to complete. Year 12s particularly enjoy a writing frame and I have found them the easiest way for students to engage in study. – L Rainford, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8985)

This is a good, useful and timely resource for the new OCR A Level Law specification, which should be seized on by law teachers concerned at the current paucity of resources for the new course. It answers the need for activities to boost the tricky activity for students of revising cases... The resource clearly enhances student learning in Law and, most importantly, promotes the accurate revision and recall of a number of key cases, which is essential for success in this subject. The educational value is therefore high. – P Emerton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer