Revision Cards for AQA GCSE (9–1)

91-110 photocopiable revision cards covering all the content for AQA GCSE (9–1) PE. Provided on A4 double-sided paper, ready to photocopy onto card or laminate and cut up.

Make revision manageable and achievable for students of all abilities!

Quick and easy resource... can be used at a variety of times throughout the year

A Fiddes Kapadia, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  • Clear and concise topic summaries – help students to memorise key content!
  • Engaging diagrams and relevant illustrations – stimulate application of knowledge!
Each card’s reverse also includes two levels of question:
  1. Card Questions – great for quizzing knowledge and application of spec content and assessing strengths and weaknesses of key topic areas.
  2. Extension Questions – inspire further research and discussions to challenge students to access the higher marks in the exam.

Introduction of the pack explains a multitude of uses for home or classroom learning – starters, plenaries, paired/group work, exam support and as a personal revision tool!

Excellent revision tool...

...can cut up, use as a whole sheet/booklet [and/or] use in lessons for quizzes, other revision games

A Frizoni, Head of PE & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8908)

Really well put together and contains the key points of each topic from the specification. The questions to go alongside each topic works really well and give students opportunities to read the card, write the key information, cover the card, answer the question and check their answers. I really like the layout of the cards... the concept of the resource is really good and know that students I have taught like to use revision cards. It has really good educational value and I find that revision cards can be quite versatile. I think the layout is very typical of a zig-zag resource... Very well presented.

E Drury, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer

Detailed information for pupils to use for revision... Key information simplified for pupils. Can be cut up into cards or used as review sheets. Would recommend as a useful revision tool, simplified with information, and also review questions on back for each topic.

A Frizoni, Head of PE & Customer

I was very pleased with the product as a revision tool because it covers the whole specification ... It is in a pupil-friendly format which they can use and understand ... It places what needs to be learnt all in one place which the pupils can access ... Not too much text and good, clear pictures/diagrams ... a great resource that is easy to use, the pupils like and not too expensive either

G Hooper, Head of PE & Customer

Excellent resource... subject specific... useful for starters.

A Harvey, Head of PE & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8909)

Excellent revision tool for pupils and also for use in lessons. Covers each topic area of specification. Multiple uses... can cut up/use as a whole sheet/booklet. Use in lessons for quizzes, other revision games. Would recommend it for pupil’s revision and support in lesson tasks when reviewing topics.

A Frizoni, Head of PE & Customer

Quick and easy resource that can be used at a variety of times throughout the year. A positive is the layout of the cards, with the questions on the back.

A Fiddes Kapadia, HoD & Peer Reviewer