Teaching Packs for GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Component 2

For exams up to Summer 2023 (except Crime Drama)
Note: By Sept 2022 there will be updated editions available with new content for assessment from 2024 onwards
Music resources: When purchased for 2023 exams, recieve the updated 2024 content for free next year

These detailed schemes of work are ready to pick up and teach, with clearly structured lesson plans and stimulating activities for Component 2 of the 2017 GCSE Eduqas specification.

I would definitely purchase this resource; it is extremely thorough and saves teachers a huge amount of time

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes: Lesson Outcomes ✪ Starters ✪ Main Tasks ✪ Extension Tasks ✪ Plenaries ✪ Homeworks

What’s included? Here goes…

Codes and Conventions; Connotation and Denotation; Demographics; Feminism; Gender; Genre, Subgenres and Hybrids; Historical Contexts; Ideologies; Individual Identity; Industry; Intertextuality; Key Issues and Movements; Key Terminology; Mass/Niche Audience; Media Contexts; Media Language; Media Representation; Narrative; Organisational Structure; Piracy; Political Contexts; Promotion; Regulation; Repetition; Representation of Reality and the World; Representation of Social Groups; Selection, Construction and Mediation; Semiotics; Set Product Analysis; Sociocultural Contexts; Stereotypes; Stuart Hall’s Uses and Gratifications Theory; Symbols; Target Audiences; Todorov and Propp’s Narrative Theory

Note: Component 2B: Music Videos and Online Media – Covers all 6 set artists so you can change your selection year to year with ease.
  • Everything you need – all resources are provided, including write-on worksheets and engaging PowerPoints
  • Full spec. coverage – analyses all set products against the theoretical framework and applies relevant theories
  • Adapt by ability – lessons can be taught in any order for maximum flexibility, plus suggestions for differentiation are provided
  • Exam-style questions included
  • Plus! Full indicative content for easy marking

An excellent, really well developed resource which I would definitely use with little alteration

L Bird, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer
Note: This pack assumes students have already covered the basics of the theoretical framework with our ‘Intro Pack’.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9014)

High quality and is suitable for the GCSE audience... learning is broken down well into manageable chunks. I like the fact that the scheme covers any music video chosen. Lesson plans are really easy to follow with step by step instructions (really teacher friendly!) Exam questions are good and highly appropriate. The answers and mark schemes give strong guidance for the teacher in terms of what to look for. I also like the homeworks set, a good challenge and extension on what is done in the lesson. This is an excellent, really well developed resource which I would definitely use with little alteration.

L Bird, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer

A very thorough and comprehensive set of lesson plans and accompanying resources [that] will save a considerable amount of planning and preparation time... The lesson plans themselves are clear and easy to follow and the accompanying PowerPoints are very attractively presented.... The lessons are clearly linked to the theoretical framework and key concepts, meaning that learners continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of these... Offers a range of different tasks to suit all learners... The exam-style questions are usefully supported by the mark scheme and have been clearly tailored to the specification.

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8727)

Self-contained and comprehensive. Very clearly structured and informative. Matches and interprets the specification very well. Lessons are well structured and the guidance given for the examination practice sections is thorough and detailed. An excellent range of lesson plans and resource materials that will help teachers prepare their students effectively for the requirements of the new examination. I would definitely purchase this resource as soon as possible; it is extremely thorough and saves teachers a huge amount of time. The hour-long lessons are logically sequenced, but can also be used as stand-alone lessons, depending on prior teaching. The information sheets are especially useful in negating the need for teachers to spend time carrying out additional research. Consideration has been given to some centres’ lack of access to computers and the internet, and many of the research tasks are optional. I particularly liked the suggestions for homework tasks to complement each of the lessons. The accompanying PowerPoint presentations are also clearly presented, and are a valuable time-saving resource to accompany the detailed lesson plans

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very thorough and detailed. The writer clearly has excellent subject knowledge, use of key vocabulary and theories and concepts. Very good reference to the key set texts... Completely covers this section of the exam prep... The lesson plan format with spaces to add lesson time, class numbers etc. are really handy as a timesaver for busy teachers. The worksheets and answers are good to ensure everything is covered (in great depth) and help those newer to media ensure they are addressing important points. The PowerPoints are bright and appealing to look at, I like the slide format chosen... I think it suits the specification well.

L Bird, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer