A Level Year 1 Eduqas Learning Grids: Component 1

A Level Year 1 Topics Covered:
  1. Media Language
  2. Representation
  3. Media Industries
  4. Audiences
  5. Set Products (Beyoncé, Dizzie Rascal, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, ‘Late Night Woman’s Hour’, The Daily Mirror, ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Tide’ print advert, ‘Rain for Good’ audiovisual ad, ‘Kiss of the Vampire’ film poster)

A brilliant idea designed to support less-academic students. Students have to read their textbook/notes to complete a grid of questions in topic-by-topic order. Cross-referenced to the ZigZag Course Companion and to the endorsed textbook to ensure a full and structured understanding of the spec.

Requires minimal preparation and interaction from the teacher: ideal for cover lessons or homework

Working alone or in pairs, with or without their books, every student can engage with this resource. A godsend for students who find it difficult to absorb information in class!

  • Questions cover all assessment objectives – developing students’ ability to demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge
  • Full specification coverage – great for using as revision notes
  • Particularly supports 'hands-on' learners who need to write down information to absorb it

Pack includes question-only grids and answer versions for easy marking.

Plus! Extension tasks challenge students to create links to unseen media types – perfect for exam practice!

Cross–referenced against both ZigZag Education 2017 AS Level Eduqas Course Companion for Component 1

WJEC/Eduqas Media Studies for A Level Year 1 & AS, by Christine Bell and Lucas Johnson (Illuminate Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-1-911208-10-5)