GCSE Edexcel B Learning Grids

Students have to read their textbook/notes to complete a grid of questions based on a sub-topic of the learning criteria. Cross-referenced to the most popular GCSE textbooks and ZigZag Education Teaching Packs to ensure a structured reading of the text.

  • Minimal preparation for the teacher – great for cover lessons!
  • An easy-to-set, yet valuable homework option.
  • Results in a set of comprehensive revision notes.
  • Covers all textbook content.
  • Questions and Answers provided.

Some great ideas here to review learning either at the end of the topic or for revision before final examinations...

...A good opportunity for pupils to reflect on their prior knowledge and areas that are lacking

E. Gill, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A godsend for those students who find learning difficult and motivates the less willing.

  • The structured method of learning grids is of great value to students, especially if they find it difficult to absorb all the information in class.
  • Case study specific learning grids make perfect factsheets for revision.
  • Engaging diagrams break up text and engage visual learners.
Cross-referenced against:
  • ZigZag Education Complete Teaching Solutions for GCSE Edexcel B Geography
  • Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B, by Hopkin et al. (Pearson, ISBN 978-146927762)
  • GCSE Geography Edexcel B, by Digby et al. (OUP, ISBN 978-0198366577)

ZigZag Education is not affiliated with Pearson or OUP.