Quick Revision Sheets for IGCSE

New 9–1 International GCSE specification; first exams 2018

Excellent bank of additional short questions for Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics A Higher and Foundation Tiers. Each question is graded so your students can see at a glance what level they are working at.

20 worksheets for Foundation tier and 20 worksheets for Higher tier.

I like the spread of topics and level of difficulty which simulates exam conditions... All 8 Year 11 teachers in our department are keen to use them. Ian Hay, IGCSE Maths Teacher & Ind. Reviewer
  • Carefully graded progression throughout the sheets for maximum differentiation
  • Sheets are ‘paired’ so students can easily reinforce new concepts
  • Answers included

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8559)

'Well thought out and differentiated. It is very good that there is sheets aimed at the different levels of students - but also offers them some extension within the bounds of the grades... The sheets cover all the topics with the syllabus and are mixed up allowing pupils to work on their range of knowledge the same as it come up in the exam... The contents page explain how the sheets are split up and is useful to find what you are looking for... The sheets are a good match to the specification. If a student completed the full set they would have covered all the specification thoroughly... a good resource to cover topics and highlight any weak areas that can then be focused on more.' – C Jones, Maths Teacher, Tutor and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8560)

'I like the way these are matched to specific grades... I like the way that the answer sheets can be lined up with the questions which makes marking relatively quick and easy.. It is very useful for individualised revision and would be good as a refresher for the last few lessons before the terminal exams.' – K Bridges, Assistant Director of Pupils, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

'A lovely resource, which I would definitely use with Y10/11 classes, either as revision or as starter questions... I like the way that they increase in difficulty and that there is a good range of questions covered on each sheet. Lots of good questions... great for helping students to revise topics quickly and can be used in a variety of ways i.e. starters, revision, tests, etc.' – L Hancock, Deputy Head of Mathematics & Independent Reviewer