Topic Tests for AS / A Level AQA: Stats & Mechanics

Put progress at the heart of your assessment strategy with these paired, progressive topic tests.

A highly flexible set of tests for every topic!

Maximise motivation! Give students a clear route to improvement by completing paired tests at home or in class. Then they can move to the next level and show their progression using linked content and more compound questions.
  • Three progressive levels of test – Fundamentals Test, Standard Test, and Challenge Test
  • Paired ‘second chance’ duplicate – mirroring the first but with different numbers – allowing resits, reinforcement and greater success
  • Total of six tests per topic means you can tailor your approach for every student with ease!

Highly Flexible…

  • Option 1 (Simple) – Many flexible uses – little planning! E.g. Revise for homework, Test A ⇨ Class test, Test B.
  • Option 2 – Run two tests at a time on a rolling basis… E.g. 1/2, 2/3, 3/4
  • Option 3 (Sophisticated) – Test three chapters at a time on a rolling basis; use the fundamentals test as starters used with time interval in-between… leaving one test to use at the end for course topic revision

Three progressive levels of test: Level 1: ‘The Fundamentals’
  • Focuses on core skills with simple numbers and contexts
  • Students show their understanding of key ideas – motivating for weaker students
  • Reveals fundamental knowledge, skill or language weaknesses
Level 2: ‘Challenge Test’
  • Progression from Fundamentals and links forward to the Expert Test
  • 50% at Fundamentals difficulty; 50% with increased difficulty & compound questions
Level 3: ‘Expert Test’
  • Further progression and application to exam-style questions
  • 25% repeated question types from tests 1 & 2, 75% exam-style questions
  • Perfect setup before tackling exam papers


  • Assessment for learning: fully worked solutions, with examiner’s commentary and invaluable strategy tips!
  • Cross-referenced to Pearson, Hodder and Collins textbooks – the perfect assessment solution
  • Every point in the new specification covered in the ‘Fundamentals’ tests