Topic on a Page for Edexcel A and Edexcel B Christianity

Unique and highly visual learning and revision resources ensure students know the themes inside out. Flexible format – easy to fit into your lessons:

  • Each subtopic concisely summarised on an A3 sheet. In two useful formats:
    1. Activity worksheets with varied tasks and space for notes – test knowledge and aid memory
    2. Completed version – check answers and review content
  • All subtopics combined on two comprehensive A3 posters – bring it all together in an easy-to-digest summary

Use activity worksheets while teaching the course or to recap subtopics, and summary sheets for end-of-theme revision, classroom display, and more. Great for visual learners, and accessible for all abilities. All spec points covered!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8362,8363)

Fantastic. I really liked the concept of gathering all the key information on one sheet of paper for each, cutting the unit into 4 easy-reach sheets. This would make a fantastic revision resource and printed on A2 or even A1 a fantastic classroom poster to aid lessons... very engaging, well thought out and neatly presented. This would certainly appeal to my higher end pupils, especially the logically minded... It was easy to read, the quotes used were relevant and topical and there were some good use of small images to link to key concepts which would aid learning... This is a high quality revision tool, and fantastic classroom wall display. I would be really confident that most of my pupils (especially the ‘old money’ C-A* pupils) would really be able to utilise this to its full potential and gain from the links made within the resource... the teacher could give part of the poster to pupils, in chunks. This idea would really be beneficial, especially for the lower ability and literacy weak pupils... I really like the different boxes etc used for the different type of information provided. Very good! I think this specification really matches the new GCSE specification well. As it states, it is an overview document and not a ‘fine detail’ resource and this it exactly what it is. It covered the new emphasis on religious literacy... A very useful revision resource that will really help pupils connect key concepts, teachings and linking to some debates etc within the topic.

A Jones, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8357,8358,8359)

Excellent value for money with extensive information that meets the specification and would allow pupils to use them for revision or independent study as well as being useful as a whole class resource to introduce and or recap on learning. The layout was clear and I liked that the information was repeated on single sheets to enable individual topics to be covered. The topic to a page format would be excellent to use as learning mats on tables. This supports the specification and would be very helpful for both whole class teaching and individual lessons, for example if pupils have missed lessons due to absence... Engaging and informative. Enough pictures to maintain interest without overwhelming the layout... I like that it includes sources of authority and encourages pupils to learn references, such as with the cloze passage on the worldwide church page. The coverage is clear and follows the topics on the spec.

J Hopwood, HoD & Peer Reviewer