Exam Preparation Packs for AS & A Level AQA Religious Studies

Fully understand what examiners are looking for with this guide focused on maximising performance in the new AS and A Level exams. Bursting with exam-style questions, graded sample essays and constructive examiner commentary – ideal for classwork, homework or intensive revision sessions. Heaps of practice!

  • Exam-style questions of every type, each with multiple sample answers at different levels
  • Structured AfL activities prompt students to take advice on board and build exam skills independently
  • Well-informed commentary for every answer from an experienced teacher and examiner!
  • Covers every topic of the new 2017 AQA spec
  • Student-friendly advice on precision, conciseness, and the AOs – building confidence and effective exam technique
  • Great assessment for learning – students compare their answers with samples and commentary and see exactly where to improve!

What do teachers say about this resource? (11590)

I thought it would be very useful with all of my student due to the range of different information it included. I liked the structure of the model answers. My students would find this aspect particularly helpful for revision. It gives clear guidance about the structure of questions and the model answers give students real-life examples to work from. There is nothing missing. It matches the specification extremely well.

A Sayer, HoD & Peer Reviewer