Presentation Packs for Edexcel AS and A Level

Detailed presentations, with notes and examples, to teach a series of key concepts. Specifically designed to cover all topics of the new linear A Level!

  • Short and snappy – 6–20 slides per presentation
  • Clear and easily readable
  • Editable to suit individual teaching styles and requirements
  • Ideal for delivery via your interactive whiteboard – or for independent learning on the VLE!
“So good I want to start teaching with it straight away!” Nicola Santamaria, Curriculum Director & Independent Reviewer (previous edition)
"Very useful. Very comprehensive." S Bloom, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer (previous edition)

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8992)

'High quality resource which provides step by step instructions for students to revise from... Clear instructions, thorough content... [Enables] independent research from home... A definite must for independent learning/support... fits the specification perfectly.' – S Bowles, Head of Maths & Customer