Study Skills Activities: Exam Preparation through Sporting principles

Empower ALL students in years 10 and 11 (not just PE students) to develop some serious study skills and build their confidence going into their GCSE exams with these highly relatable study skills activities.

Harness the power of sport
for exam success!

Students read through real-world sporting principles and analogies that are cleverly linked to one of five fundamental areas of exam preparation and then complete a reflective worksheet to develop the relevant study skill.

Great for use in tutor time (or as homeworks)!

5 fundamental areas of exam preparation:

1. Learning Supports students to understand how to retain information, reflect on their learning process and get the most out of each lesson.
2. Focus Develops students’ concentration and helps them to avoid unnecessary distractions.
3. Effort Empowers students to make sacrifices and put the hardwork in.
4. Motivation Taps into students’ inner driving force and maintains enthusiasm.
5. Revision Advances students’ revision strategies, to help them get the most out of their revision.

Get the whole school involved!

We recommend showing this resource to your head of year or head teacher to promote it as a holistic approach to maximising exam success that is valuable to all students regardless of their interest in sport.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8202)

The educational value of this resource is vast. The activities can be used for all levels of learner but could also easily be added to tutor time in order for students to reflect on their individuality and achievements. Through simple reflection and identifying their strengths students can plan to work on their weaknesses. I feel that this resource can be easily applied to any level of learner and any specification.

S Sheppard, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The activities certainly reinforce learning... it can be generalised for all students who are taking exams and using the [sports] principles it describes can be extrapolated for better success in all exams the students are taking. This is a really good idea.

G Bradshaw, PE Teacher and Peer Reviewer.