GCSE Edexcel A Digital MindMaps

A mind map for every topic of every unit of GCSE Edexcel A Geography – including all optional topics!
Ideal for visual learners!

Pack includes:

  • Digital MindMaps for every topic of the GCSE:
    • CD-ROM includes PPT showing how best to use the MindMaps
    • ALL MindMaps in MindManager format
      (fully editable with Mindjet MindManger / viewable with Mindjet MindManager Viewer – included)
    • ALL MindMaps in FreeMind format
      (fully editable for use with open-source FreeMind software)
  • Black and white masters for easy photocopying:
    • Full expanded MindMaps showing all content
    • Differentiated activity MindMaps - fully and partially collapsed with keyword lists for students to complete
    • Revision MindMaps for Skills, Fieldwork and Geographical Investigation

An ideal way to consolidate learning and help students understand how different topics link together.

Many Geographers are either visual or kinaesthetic learners; this resource addresses both aspects very effectively… This is an excellent resource and the future of digital Geography thinking. Mark Ollis, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer
This is a great idea - takes visual learning technique and allows it to be displayed well... [I particularly like] the use of colour and how it makes revision easy. Geography Teacher, Customer Review