GCSE 9–1 Eduqas Teaching Pack: Introduction to Media

Gauge student understanding and build up the basics
Makes theory relevant and accessible using products students buy, watch and recognise.

This stimulating and detailed six-lesson scheme of work familiarises students with the framework and key terminology via structured starters, activities and plenaries. Pick up and teach as introductory lessons or taster sessions – the perfect foundation for GCSE Eduqas Media Studies.

I would definitely purchase this resource. It is extremely thorough and saves teachers a huge amount of time...

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Every lesson includes:

  • Fun, creative and engaging worksheets and PowerPoint activities such as symbol and advert creation – great for visual and weaker learners
  • Full indicative content for easy marking and peer- or self-assessment

...Matches and interprets the specification very well

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is for the WJEC Eduqas 9–1 specification (outside Wales). See here for the WJEC Wales edition.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8109)

Life saving! It has really helped to establish topics that have been covered in class... It can be used as starters or as homework and is very versatile... students can access it even if they are low ability. There is so little available for this specification. I am really appreciative to ZigZag." - H Parmenter, Head of Media and Independent Reviewer

H Parmenter. HoD & Peer Reviewer

A self-contained, short scheme of work that will give Media Studies students an excellent starting point for the course. The 6, hour-long lessons are logically sequenced, but can also be used as stand-alone lessons. Very clearly structured and informative, detailed and very well planned. Guidance given is thorough and detailed. I particularly liked the suggestions for homework tasks to complement each lesson. Matches and interprets the specification very well. Consideration has been given to some centres’ lack of access to computers and the internet, and many of the tasks can be done on paper or in books. I would definitely purchase this resource as soon as possible; it is extremely thorough and saves teachers a huge amount of time.

S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Overall this was a really useful resource for an introduction module. The lessons have been laid out with clear plans and student worksheets that allow easy completion of the tasks. Easily accessible for new subject teachers and experienced staff members. All activities and work are clearly linked and reference the exam board criteria. Takes the bulk of the planning work (what to deliver when and how much content to include in each lesson) allowing you the time to focus on developing learners.

B Farnworth, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A good overview of the specification... uses a range of current media examples to support student’s understanding... The lesson plans and worksheets are detailed...It is closely linked to the key words and details of the specification so that students can start to understand the different areas of the media that they have to study.

K Sims, HoD & Peer Reviewer

'For anyone new to Media I think it could be a great guide for them to get started... Good for introducing the basics and key terminology... Good range of activities for whole class, group and individual tasks... A good intro scheme with some good current examples to refer to... A good whistle stop intro to some of the key areas – I teach LIAR (Institution; Audience; Representation covered well – not so much Language) Context is also covered well.

L Bird, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer