2018 NEA Context Prep Packs for AS AQA Fashion and Textiles

Prepare and inspire your students to achieve their full potential with highly visual and creative tasks on the AS AQA Fashion and Textiles 2017/18 NEA contexts:

  • Elegance of Nature
  • Travelling
  • Gender-free Fashion

Explore the Context!

  • Prompt further research with company/designer profiles
  • Jump-start fresh ideas with techniques such as repeat print

Develop and Refine Design

  • Annotate and analyse existing products
  • Consider materials, product types and challenge
  • Apply context needs to improve product design

Perfect for homework or classroom use, these practical activities cultivate ideas and innovation in all learners while targeting context and specification needs. Students gain a thorough understanding of marking criteria and the skills needed to apply this to their design. Also includes a handy project checklist – fantastic for independent learning and improvement.