Keyword Activities for GCSE AQA Religious Studies B: Full Course

Help students learn their stewardship from dominion and omnipotence from omniscience!

A comprehensive activity pack to help students learn the essential terms and concepts for the new GCSE Religious Studies course.

Choose 1 of 6 activities to teach/revise each topic!

Loop cards, glossary builders and crosswords (inc. interactive versions) are among topic-by-topic activities designed to make key term revision as effective and engaging as possible.

  • Student-friendly definitions make terms accessible to all
  • Endless uses – homework, starters & plenaries, revision lessons or individual support
  • CD-ROM format allows straightforward sharing on the school network

Previews of all types of activities provided on CD are below. Some of these activities are provided on paper; to view a sample of these from a specific resource, click on the 'Preview' buttons to the right.

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These activities keep starts of lessons calm and consolidates previous learning. They are flexible and can also be used for cover and homework

C Cotterill, HoD & Customer