GCSE OCR RS Course Companions: Study of Religion

Short Course

Absolutely fantastic – exactly what is needed for a thorough yet concise overview of the course. H Kunda, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Engage your class with religious studies and stay focused on exam requirements. Covers all spec points and their significance from different perspectives.

  • Detailed, accessible notes for every part of the spec
    • Manageable sections, varied formats and integrated activities keep students engaged
  • Trains students in exam skills with original OCR-style questions for each subtopic
    • From short-answer ‘Quick Questions’ to extended ‘Now Try This’ tasks
    • PLUS mark schemes make grading simple!
  • Need-to-know key terms concisely defined
  • Concise, bullet-point topic summaries – great for revision

Matches the specification order exactly, so it’s easy to integrate into your lessons. The perfect complement to your scheme of work!

Also available for Full Course

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8311, 8312)
‘A fantastic resource, lots of detail broken down into manageable chunks… Useful for non-subject specialists and specialists alike… Students could use it independently or… in lessons as an alternative to the OCR textbook… I really like the layout… A good mixture of extended text, quotes highlighted, tables/boxes/images etc. …Matches the specification very well, it covers all of the content… Includes good links to the exam technique and exam questions.’ – S Rann, Head of RE and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7740, 7741)
“Really liked the detailed nature… set out well, easy to navigate and included all of the information I'd expect… I would consider it in place of the endorsed Textbook… It mirrors the specification closely… logically sets out each topic... presented in a way that makes the information heavy course look a little less daunting… [It] has no 'filler' material that can put students off. It includes all of the elements needed for higher ability students to achieve the top grades, such as biblical quotes and common and divergent views. I like the questions throughout the resource and it is really useful to have the answers in the back for non-specialists to follow, or for students to explore when working alone… It allows for a range of abilities to achieve. [It shows] how to interpret the mark schemes in light of the questions that have been answered, which is good as students struggle to do this themselves.” - A Parker, Head of RS and Independent Reviewer
“Well written, clear resource which would save staff planning [time]… Could be used in many different ways to support learning. The exam technique and support is helpful and concise… Clear and easy to use… The quick questions for each area are helpful and good to use to consolidate learning… Explanation of how to answer exam questions is clearly laid out for students to understand, well explained. Key words boxes are really helpful for staff and students. Bible quotes included and clear for students to find when revising.... Helpful to give Bible quotes included like this for staff…, so no need to look them up. I like the pause for thought sections. I'd use for extension work or maybe even an extended starter/plenary… Would enhance learning… Interprets and supports the detail from the specification and the exam format. Has clear sections for exam skills and could be used for peer/self-marking… Really helpful resource. Useful for staff [and] good for student use.” - K Barker, Head of Religious Education and Independent Reviewer