Stimulating Scenario Activities for GCSE Edexcel PE

Demonstrate, apply & evaluate to get top marks!

Endorsed for Edexcel

Stimulating Scenario Activities for GCSE
Edexcel PE: Component 1 is
endorsed for the 2016 GCSE Edexcel
Physical Education Specification

Fifteen relatable scenarios from the field of Physical Activity and Sport – teamed up with stimulating and engaging activities, to get students exploring Edexcel (9-1) GCSE PE from all perspectives!

  • Students practise applying their knowledge to performance and participation in a variety of physical activities
  • Imaginative and accessible activities and questions – encourage competence in answering difficult questions

The resource enhances learning by asking students to apply their knowledge... an important aspect for the exam

S Sheppard, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.
Essential Exam Practice!
  • Practice exam questions and mark schemes
  • Helpful tips – support students to become experts in their exam!
  • Targeted development through Assessment Objectives – from AO1 knowledge to AO3 evaluation
Scenarios include: Marquise the gymnast, Eliza the decathlete, Shane the wheelchair basketball player, Leon the boxer, plus many more!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7715)

This is a really good resource to be used alongside revision to bring all topics together and get students to think across all topic areas rather than concentrating on just questions in relation to one area. The scenarios can be used individually or together. The breadth of different topic areas that stimulates students’ knowledge and their ability to apply their understanding effectively. This encompasses the expectations as per the exam and extents students thinking beyond AO1, but also targets the AO2 and AO3 marks. It is also related to real life scenarios which will promote student engagement and enjoyment. The help boxes make students aware of the assessment objectives and how marks are achieved. A fantastic resource to use alongside revision or to demonstrate how different topics can be related to a scenario. Students can use this resource in class or independently to support their learning throughout the course.

G Bouchier, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource was excellent. It was very detailed. The variety in both the types of task and the range of athletes used is important and gets pupils thinking about other sports and the way the knowledge can be applied in these. The educational value is high and would be useful to a class as a link to ongoing learning.

W Finch, Acting HoD & Peer Reviewer

Excellent. It’s a different approach to reinforcing key parts of theory knowledge. There are a series of different performers with challenges/tasks linked to all areas of the Paper 1 syllabus. I liked it because I could use different sheets according to a student’s ability. It has answers with it, so students can work independently and then see where they have made errors.

S Sabberton-Coe, PE and Sport Director & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8000)

The resource has been created to a high quality... [it] allows students to apply their knowledge to real life scenarios and situations. These can make the more complex theoretical aspects to the course more accessible to learners. I particularly liked the fact that each scenario can be used for various aspects of the course. This means that this comprehensive collection of scenarios can be used across the whole unit of work. I like that the scenarios are based on real life and go into sufficient detail. The language used is clear and the content knowledge is accurate. The resource enhances learning by asking students to apply their knowledge... an important aspect for the exam.

S Sheppard, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.