Starters and Plenaries for Edexcel A Level Psychology

Activities include:

  • Match-up
  • Patient scenarios
  • Fill in the gaps
  • True/false
  • Multiple-choice questions

Inject pace into your Psychology lessons with these packs of pick-up-and-teach starter and plenary activities for the 2015 AQA A Level specification.

Complete with teacher's notes and instructions.

Consolidate and extend learning in class with topic-specific write-on activities from memory-recall experiments for Memory to brain and neuron annotation tasks for Biopsychology.

  • Perfectly matched to new AOs
  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities
  • Engaging activities appeal to and motivate different learning styles!
  • All answers provided – great for AfL and speedy peer assessment
Topics 1-4 also suitable for:
  • Edexcel AS Level 8PS0

What do teachers say about this resource? (8347)

I would recommend them because so far rarely is it possible to get hold of resources like this and they save me time!

S Cordy-McKenna, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7669)

It is a truly brilliant resource. The pack is logically laid out and enables me to use countless excellently researched and presented resources at the start and end of the lesson.

S Cordy-McKenna, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I loved it - there are so many excellent ideas for quick re caps of work or starters.. is excellent for quick knowledge tests and consolidation of knowledge

H Williams, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource will be very useful as it has lots of varied activities to enhance the knowledge (AO1) of students. The activities are easy to understand and quick to do... The instructions on how to complete the activities are very clear. The provision of answers immediately after each activity makes it easy to use as a teacher. There is a good variety of activities to maintain student interest – K Elk, Teacher and Independent Reviewer