micro:bit Scheme of Work for KS3

Six-lesson module supports KS3 pupils learning to program with the BBC micro:bit. Best suited for Year 7, lessons progress from using the Blocks Editor, to writing Python code, and conclude with an end-of-module test.

For each lesson:

  • Lesson plans and teacher notes to aid your preparation
    • Starter, mains and plenary activities for each lesson – with expected timings
    • Learning objectives, success criteria, keywords and required resources
  • Visual, animated PowerPoints to support delivery and engage students
  • All supporting resources – including worksheets and step-by-step guides

Plus! Two additional lessons, providing interesting extension work for higher-ability (or the option of extending the module to 8 lessons)

All resources provided in editable, electronic format, accessible via a HTML interface. For easy printing (including in colour if required) and use on your school network.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7619)
"A very useful resource, especially for a non-subject specialist to deliver from, as all of the code solutions and resources are easy to follow. The lesson plans are logical and are well ordered. There is a good range of extension tasks and the PPTs are useful as a suppliment... I think there is a good educational worth to this resource, the SOW starts off simple using the block editor and then progresses nicely to a Python example coding activity. I also think that the assessment is good and I like how it is broken down into theoritical and practical activities... I think this closley matches the Computer Science KS3 curriculum and covers many of the key objectives." - R Howlett, Head of ICT/Computing
"It's good – the presentation is excellent and the material is clear." - A Limbada, Computing teacher
"The SoW is well written with good range of activities to complete. The activities are well thought of in terms of guidance and self progress with clear guidance to seek from the additional teaching resources... The additional lessons will be ideal for those who wish to be challenged further or for those learners who will complete the tasks quicker than others" - P Holt, Computing teacher
"A clear scheme of work that shows clearly learning outcomes and describes in detail all the different stages and activities for each lesson. The activities are divided into lessons which makes it a lot easier to organise the different activities and prepare for the delivery of the lessons. Lesson plans are written with lots of details and makes the whole process of preparation easier. All the resources needed for each lesson are included and nothing has to be prepared extra for the lesson... I highly value the extra lessons included in the scheme of work for the high flyers. I think this is a brilliant idea as it gives extra material for the teachers in case some of the students goes ahead of the rest. The presentations are good and colorful to keep the students attention and the paper resources are designed for the right level of the students... The presentation and layout are appropriate for the age group that was designed for. Clear presentation, clear diagrams and pictures. Easy to follow and understand." - H Gonzalez, Head of Computing