micro:bit Scheme of Work for KS3

Six-lesson module supports KS3 pupils learning to program with the BBC micro:bit. Best suited for Year 7, lessons progress from using the Blocks Editor, to writing Python code, and conclude with an end-of-module test.

For each lesson:

  • Lesson plans and teacher notes to aid your preparation
    • Starter, mains and plenary activities for each lesson – with expected timings
    • Learning objectives, success criteria, keywords and required resources
  • Visual, animated PowerPoints to support delivery and engage students
  • All supporting resources – including worksheets and step-by-step guides

Plus! Two additional lessons, providing interesting extension work for higher-ability (or the option of extending the module to 8 lessons)

All resources provided in editable, electronic format, accessible via a HTML interface. For easy printing (including in colour if required) and use on your school network.