A Level Edexcel Religious Studies: Anthology Study Guides

Comprehensive guide to the new anthology texts with commentary, context and activities. Offers full clarification and analysis of the ideas and implications for religion, human experience and morality. Helps your students write a structured answer, meeting assessment requirements to achieve their best.

  • Detailed analysis pitched at just the right level for A Level students
  • Sets each text in its theological and/or philosophical context
  • Packed full of discussion points, exam preparation tasks and activities
  • Exam-style extract-based questions in the style of the new Edexcel exam

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8354)
"This resource has been invaluable to both myself and our students. Edexcel is yet to publish text books and this has already saved hours of time unpacking the anthology extracts. It is very detailed and is especially useful for those high attaining students. Students faced with the anthology extracts can feel 'lost' and find it overwhelming. Utilising the anthology together with the resource allows students to work alone/pairs/small groups to summarise and understand the text in a more focused way. It has given them confidence to understand and be able to access the anthology with confidence. It is worth every penny! Saves hours of time and allows a confident approach by both teacher and students." S Nurse, Head of Religious Studies and Satisfied Customer
Yes, it covers everything that the students will need to know for the exam as well as realistic exam-style questions that they can apply their knowledge to. – M Ball, Tutor and Independent Reviewer
The resource is an excellent, accessible resource for all learners who are studying the Anthology in the Edexcel specification. The anthology study guide is engaging, posing discussion points for learners who will be able to utilise these inside and outside of the classroom. The Anthology Study Guide will provide pupils with the foundations of the key arguments that are demonstrated in the text prior to reading it. - V Austin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8133)
"Very detailed and thorough guide to the texts. It is the perfect level for A Level students. If you teach Paper 3, you’d be stupid not to use this." H Hacking, HoD and Satisfied Customer
This resource has many features that will enhance student learning. The contents make the resource easy to navigate. The Introduction to the Gospel and Extract helps give the reader an overview of the important bits. The background gives students the context of the Gospel to help them understand the points better. The key themes and detailed analysis give pupils the chance to engage with the meat of the Gospel. Form and Justify an Argument helps students to form arguments, which will help them for the exam... I really like the resource-quite possibly the most comprehensive New Testament guide I have seen to date. This section of the course is under-resourced in terms of mainstream textbook and is new for many teachers. Hence, this resource could alleviate much stress for teachers. – M Ball, Tutor and Independent Reviewer
'Overall a detailed and comprehensive analysis of each of the extracts within the anthology. The layout is clear, well ordered and the writing is appropriate for A level... The example exam questions and indicative content are particularly useful. The Prologue in the Gospel of John was a particularly well written section... The resource provides detailed analysis on what is a wide range of extracts within the New Testament anthology. It would sit well as a resource both within lesson time and as consolidation work outside of the classroom. I imagine students would feel comforted to have this as a resource to compliment their learning.' – B&nsbp;Webster, Examiner, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7504)
"Excellent - very pleased. Essential reading and well worth the price." C Cotterill, HoD and Satisfied Customer
"Excellent – when there is NO textbook, this is really, really useful! Well set out, accessible to students, right level for all (key in mixed ability A Level group). We ran A Level training and I recommended it to all!" A Lewis, HoD and Satisfied Customer
"Clearly presented and well-structured. Very useful as a basis for discussion lessons and supports students in their understanding of primary texts. It is great value for money and one of the only resources available." C Worman, HoD and Satisfied Customer
"An excellent resource. This anthology Study Guide supports students by allowing them to work independently on the anthology freeing up lesson time to iron out misconceptions. As new to A Level I have found it a huge support. There is little support form the exam board so as a teacher new to A Level, this has been invaluable CPD for me. Buy it! It saves heaps of time" S Nurse, HoD and Satisfied Customer
"A comprehensive resource that deconstructs passages from the anthology in a logical and coherent fashion. The structure of having an explanation of the key ideas, followed by analysis is useful... I particularly liked how the extended analysis of the sections, which is excellent material for more able students to be constructing their responses to A02 questions. a very useful resource to be set on our VLE and given as homework / pre-reading, particularly for the more able students. There is very little educational resources directed towards the new Edexcel anthology and the style of analysis Edexcel require, which this resource provides. In particular the analysis section gives evaluation beyond what text books for the old specification provide. It would be very attractive for teachers of the new specification." – B Webster, Religious Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7768)
"Excellent, gave clarity and detail to the anthology section of the revised spec. It is essential in light of the new exam and the unknown level of challenge presented through the anthology questions." C Cotterill, HoD and Satisfied Customer
"A very useful companion to the Anthology that supports students' understanding while also extending their thinking and encouraging critical analysis. It has really helped my students to understand and actively engage with the challenging anthology texts." E Bellieu, Religious Studies Teacher and Satisfied Customer
I was really impressed by the quality and depth of the resource. It seems clear that it was written by someone with a good knowledge of the subject... The activities are of a really high quality and seem suited for the higher achieving amongst my A Level cohort. – A Smith, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Excellent. It clearly links to the new Anthology and the there is lots of information to stretch the most able. It supports students through potentially complex ideas and allows them to work independently. As a new teacher to A Level I have found this a useful teaching tool too." S Nurse, HoD and Satisfied Customer
'Students can struggle with the anthology as they are not used to looking at large chunks of primary text [and] this resource is brilliant at navigating students through the texts, explaining the key concepts and showing how they could be used in an exam. There are also countless references to scholars and examples, which students need in the exam and which help students to contextualise what they are reading. The information given is very comprehensive but it is well organised and easily accessible as it is all put into smaller sections. The language used is well pitched for A level students, whilst still giving a challenging and academic feel to the writing... It is linked to the specific Edexcel exam and includes sample questions and mark schemes. Links are also made to other parts of the specification such as religion and human experience, which is hugely beneficial for students when they come to answer the synoptic questions... It provides a wealth of information but also includes regular discussion points and activities which can be used during lessons, thus reducing the workload for teachers and providing focus for students. There are even suggested responses to the discussion points... It includes everything you need in one handy resource, thus saving you masses of time in terms of collating information, thinking of discussion questions and searching out sample exam questions... This matches the Edexcel A Level Religious Studies Specification (2016) brilliantly, with references to the specific texts, sample questions, mark schemes and other components of the course (Philosophy and Religion).' – R Mackie, Customer, Head of Department at Forest School
“Informative and practical… Addition of extra reading and extension activities is excellent… Can be used easily inside and outside of the classroom… [Will] support less able students, but encouraging high fliers simultaneously… Exam practice pages are an inspired addition, allowing students to engage with exam questions and the mark schemes… Clearly laid-out, the presentation of the resource is consistent throughout…Regularity of extra activities will aid teachers when planning lessons…Specification is well reflected… The anthology is clearly referred to throughout the resource, which is exactly what students need to be aware of…I would purchase this resource.” – V Austin, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer