GCSE Edexcel B Course Companion

Engage your class with religious studies and stay focused on exam requirements. Covers all spec points and their significance from divergent perspectives.

  • Detailed, accessible notes for every part of the spec
    • Manageable sections and varied formats keep students engaged
  • Trains students in exam skills with original Edexcel-style questions for each subtopic
    • From short-answer ‘Quick Questions’ to extended ‘Now Try This’ tasks
    • PLUS mark schemes make grading simple!
  • Need-to-know key terms concisely defined
  • Concise, bullet-point topic summaries – great for revision

Matches the spec order exactly, so it’s easy to integrate into your lessons. The perfect complement to your scheme of work!

  • ‘Did You Know?’... Supplement learning with bite-sized facts
  • ‘Pause for Thought’ ... Encourage students to reflect on the issues
  • Key Quotations ... Focus on scripture and sacred texts
  • Activities and ‘Taking it Further’... Get students involved with active learning