AS & A Level Edexcel Course Companions

Clear, comprehensive and complete coverage of the new 2015 AS and A Level Edexcel Qualifications. Written in student-friendly language, organised in specification order and with clear explanations of core concepts.

  • Clear learning outcomes at the start of each chapter for focused work
  • All key terms defined, plus a handy glossary help with tricky terminology
  • Integrated tasks engage students – answers included!
  • Consolidation questions throughout ensure students retain knowledge
Exam Focus
  • Exam tips throughout the text – help students to apply their knowledge
  • Exam-style questions for each chapter in both AS and A Level style
  • Detailed mark scheme with commentary and model answers – essential exam practice

What do teachers say about this resource? (7678)

It is a fantastic resource.

S Cordy-McKenna, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Really good... Key terms at the beginning of each chapter a good way to introduce the key terminology... Clear and easy to read and clearly linked examples.. The question recaps and exam style questions at the end of each section are very effective for rechecking and assessing student understanding... Will be effective in encouraging the students to not only gain an understanding of the topic but also to identify how it links to other elements of psychology.

M Aldred, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What a fantastic resource. a brilliant and informative resource which could be the companion to the A level (paper 1) that the students and teaches have been crying out for. Would you purchase this resource?

H Williams, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7389)

It is an excellent resource. It is very well researched and detailed. The explanations are clear and straightforward. The evaluation is substantial and makes innovative points. My students need straightforward, no nonsense notes with detailed descriptions and evaluations. It is perfect.

S Cordy-McKenna, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This resource is very detailed with a wealth of useful and relevant information. It has a very professional and knowledgeable feel which will increase the confidence of students and teachers using it. This resource could potentially be used on a stand-alone basis. It is incredibly detailed and well structured, containing all relevant information. This resource definitely matches the specification. It is highly detailed and covers all elements and more. There are links to issues and debates and individual differences and developmental psychology within the resource which are very useful. The key question sections are also very informative.

K Elks, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good resource, supportive to the delivery of Topic 2. Includes accurate, detailed notes and activities to develop student knowledge and understanding of the topic.

R Hubbard, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Particularly liked places where students can carry out tasks themselves and the use of exam questions and mark schemes included.

H Williams, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8066)

Excellent, clearly written in language that the student could understand... contains just about all the student needs for this module of the course

H Williams, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the resource and think it matches the specification very well.