A Level OCR Topic Tests

Ensure complete coverage with these topic-by-topic question banks – Co-Teachable for the new AS and A Level OCR Geography specifications (H081 and H481).

Resources in this range cover ALL spec content for the AS and A Level!

Within each test, questions progress from short/factual to longer-answer or exam-style. Every test is differentiated with an extension section that can be offered to higher ability students. Tests are provided in a non-write-on format. Full answers are provided so students can return to their completed tests to revise!

  • Every specification subtopic covered
  • Each topic divided into tests which can be undertaken in class or as a homework activity
  • The number of tests per topic allows one test to be set every fortnight over a two year course of study if using the full set of resources
  • Includes clear, detailed mark schemes

The final test in each pack is an end of topic summary, covering a range of content from across the whole topic.

Perfect for continued assessment, and progress tracking throughout the qualification. See which areas your class are strong on and which need a recap.

Structured very clearly and logically; enables students to revise both content and assessment skills, and provides full and comprehensive answers. Really good value for money – it has saved us hours putting revision materials togetherL. Bentley-Pattison, Customer & Independent Reviewer

Topic 1.1a: Coastal Landscapes 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 1.1a)
Topic 1.1b: Glaciated Landscapes 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 1.1b)
Topic 1.1c: Dryland Landscapes 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 1.1c
Topic 1.2: Earth's Life Support Systems 5 topic tests

Topic 2.1: Changing Spaces; Making Places 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 1.2)
Topic 2.2a: Trade in the Contemporary World 4 topic tests
Topic 2.2b: Global Migration 4 topic tests
Topic 2.2c: Human Rights 3 topic tests
Topic 2.2d: Power and Borders 3 topic tests

Topic 3.1: Climate Change 8 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 2.1)
Topic 3.2: Disease Dilemmas 6 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 2.2)
Topic 3.3: Exploring Oceans 8 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 2.3)
Topic 3.4: Future of Food 6 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 2.4)
Topic 3.5: Hazardous Earth 8 topic tests (AS co-teachable Topic 2.5)

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7309)
An outstanding resource to help me with my teaching and for preparing students before the exam... It helped with content knowledge and interpretation of questions... Matches the specification perfectly T Urch, Geography Teacher & Happy Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7311)
"Useful resource providing exam-style questions which are needed due to the lack of past papers. Has saved us hours on making tests and mark schemes." - J. Lynn, HoD & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7314)
"A good resource which matches the OCR specification well. The Topic Tests are a good resources to test students on their understanding and ability to answer exam questions. In addition to this the resource is valuable for teachers has there is only one sample assessment paper for the new specification!" - G. Dhaliwal, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"I think this resource is very useful for teachers of OCR geography. The individual papers cover the specification. The extension questions are ideal for providing stretch and challenge. I think the final papers for AS and A Level are perfect end of topic tests. Strong educational value. The theory is well assessed rather than just a focus on a case study. Also, the questions on the case studies are brilliant since they do not make students think they have to use a certain case study!!! There is breadth and depth in each section." - K. Butler, HoD & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7305)
"Outstanding. It is structured logically and thoroughly covers the content in the spec. Questions increase in difficulty and have enough challenge for the most able students. It is easy to administer for homework and needs very little teacher input [as] students [can] mark their own answers." - L. Bentley-Pattison, Customer & Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7307)
"Excellent: a very well structured set of questions which text both factual recall and question interpretation. Students are able to self-assess by using the comprehensive mark schemes." - L. Bentley-Pattison, Customer & Independent Reviewer
"Really useful considering the levels of previous papers and sample material. The section and topic choices link closely with the specification. Excellent as a revision and testing tool." - A. Wyatt, HoD & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7304)
"Useful short answer questions. Great value for money. Accurate mark schemes. Overall a very worthwhile purchase." - A. Wyatt, HoD & Independent Reviewer
"A useful, detailed resource that will help to support a wide range of abilities with their A Level Geography exam. The quality of the resource is good and I would find this a very helpful resource to use to check knowledge, understanding but also exam technique and other geographical skills." - E. Mogridge, HoD & Independent Reviewer