A Level Edexcel Topic Tests

Ensure complete coverage with these topic-by-topic question banks – Co-Teachable for the new AS and A Level Edexcel Geography specifications (8GE0 and 9GE0).

Resources in this range cover ALL spec content for the AS and A Level!

Within each test, questions progress from short/factual to longer-answer or exam-style. Every test is differentiated with an extension section that can be offered to higher ability students. Tests are provided in a non-write-on format. Full answers are provided so students can return to their completed tests to revise!

  • Every specification subtopic covered
  • Each topic divided into tests which can be undertaken in class or as a homework activity
  • The number of tests per topic allows one test to be set every fortnight over a two year course of study if using the full set of resources
  • Includes clear, detailed mark schemes

The final test in each pack is an end of topic summary, covering a range of content from across the whole topic.

Perfect for continued assessment, and progress tracking throughout the qualification. See which areas your class are strong on and which need a recap.

Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards 4 topic tests (AS co-teachable)
Topic 2a: Glaciated Landscapes and Change 6 topic tests (AS co-teachable)
Topic 2b: Coastal Landscapes and Change 6 topic tests (AS co-teachable)

Topic 3: Globalisation 4 topic tests (AS co-teachable)
Topic 4a: Regenerating Places 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable)
Topic 4b: Diverse Places 5 topic tests (AS co-teachable)

Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity 5 topic tests
Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security 5 topic tests

Topic 7: Superpowers 4 topic tests
Topic 8a: Health, Human Rights and Intervention 5 topic tests
Topic 8b: Migration, Identity and Sovereignty 5 topic tests

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7282)

A great way to reinforce learning, especially of some of the more ‘niche’ terms, backed up with some detailed answers for teachers." - V. Burgess, HoD & Independent Reviewer

A very good resource, which has clearly been carefully thought through and is as a result comprehensive and useful. I liked the dual structure of the papers, with the easier question at the start and the extended questions at the end. I liked the way the papers cover separate sections, with a final paper covering the entire unit. " - D. Baker, HoD & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7283)

The resource is of a high quality in supporting and preparing students for the A level Geography exam. There is a variety of possible questions which may come up and each are well supported by the mark schemes which enable students and teachers alike to be able to self assess and/ or peer assess." - G. Dhaliwal, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

I’m really not looking forward to teaching this topic, but this resource gave me some useful pointers on expanding the terminology to use with students and also made me feel a bit more secure that I will be covering the right information. As it says in the introduction, there’s a lot that won’t be tested in the summer, but this resource helps students feel confident that they know everything." - V. Burgess, HoD & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7276)

On the whole a good, useful resource to enhance recall and understanding. Thorough coverage of both AS and A Level specifications. This is the type of resource that I think would go down well with pupils especially when used as an interim assessment tool as you teach through the specification... It clearly establishes whether or the pupils know the material but also more importantly whether they understand the processes and mechanisms involved with this complex topic." - N. Roe, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

I liked the range of questions and question styles. Mixture of AS and A level style questions. Logically linked to enquiry questions... Questions build nicely and would be ideal to reinforce learning. Could be a useful revision resource." - V. Burgess, HoD & Independent Reviewer