GCSE Eduqas Set Extract Analysis: Mozart and Rainbow (exams from 2018)

Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Movement 3, Minuet and Trio) and Rainbow: ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’

Get your whole class totally familiar with these two very different set extracts for GCSE Eduqas Music.

This supportive, confidence-building resource will guide your students through each piece, encouraging them to discover the analysis for themselves and developing listening and appraising skills for the exam.


  • Need-to-know context and pre-listening ‘Do It Yourself!’ tasks build a firm foundation for learning.
  • Plus! Introduction to keys, chords and transposing instruments for the Mozart extract makes Classical techniques accessible.


  • Guided bar-by-bar analysis works through the piece in manageable sections. Supported with annotated score extracts and student-friendly key term definitions.
  • Regular consolidation tasks encourage engagement, and build confidence to apply theory independently. Answers included!


  • Revision tools – including a quick-glance overview structured by musical element, and a comprehensive glossary – strengthen knowledge and understanding.
  • A range of exam-style questions with full mark schemes – perfect preparation for the listening paper.

Integrate into your class teaching, or set for independent learning – it’s up to you!