Topic Tests for Edexcel GCSE PE

A precise and comprehensive diagnostic tool!

Value for money

S Sabberton-Coe, Director of PE & Customer

Reveal students strengths and weaknesses for all topics of the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) PE specification.

23 thoughtfully structured tests, each gradually increasing in difficulty. From multiple choice to extended exam-style questions – perfect preparation for each exam.

  • Varied question styles – through match-ups, gap-fills, labelling diagrams, tables, or graphs – maximise engagement and formats expected in the exam.
  • Questions include many authentic scenarios and images to link theory and practice.
  • Opportunities for data analysis in relation to key areas of physical activity and sport.
Efficient Assessment: Tests take just 30-45 minutes each!
  • Use in-class, for revision or as homeworks!
  • Comprehensive answers with mark allocations for effective peer- and self-assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6934)

Very useful. I like the range of questions... The mixture of questions replicates the exam well and provides students with the opportunity to further develop / consolidate their subject knowledge. The data analysis/interpretation questions were fantastic. I have found that these are the questions where the majority of my students struggle and this resource provides numerous opportunities to develop this area. Testing students on their knowledge of individual topics allows targeted intervention and therefore makes it easier to identify areas where students need to improve.

E Drury, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very good, challenging series of questions to test student’s knowledge. It is clear and comes with a mark scheme. It is clear, easy to use and the questions are well structured. Gives them instant feedback on their understanding of units of work studied. Buy it! There are also examples of the new 9 mark questions on it.

S Sabberton-Coe, Director of PE & Customer

I really liked it and am very tempted to buy it for my department. It was well sectioned with a good mix of tasks and a very clear set of answers. Really helpful for end of unit tests... Love the graphs, diagrams and mix and match tasks. Design of the resource is extremely user friendly.

G Hansom, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6935)

Excellent resource for testing student understanding of a new GCSE Edexcel specification. Easy to use/good value for money.

S Sabberton-Coe, Director of PE & Customer

Matches the specification really well. Shorter tests for students [equals] less pressure.

E Drury, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.