Mastering Maths for A Level Physics: Basic Skills

Essential grounding in all the maths skills for AS and A Level Physics, now worth at least 40% of exam marks. Builds confidence and proficiency in mathematical manipulation and problem-solving.

For each skill:

  • Step-by-step worked examples to ensure students follow from start to finish.
  • Practice questions, including exam-style Physics questions. All supporting information provided, so students can hone their maths even before learning the topic!
  • Full answers for easy marking; students can see where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

Two complementary resources together cover all requirements:

Basic skills
  • arithmetic and numerical computation (including percentage uncertainties)
  • handling data (including simple probability)
  • algebra (including quadratic equations)
  • geometry (including visualising 2D/3D shapes)

Plus two diagnostic tests mapped to the spec to easily pinpoint weaker areas.

Further skills
  • graphs (including rate of change)
  • trigonometry (including small-angle approximation)
  • A Level Year 2 requirements (exponential/log functions and log equations/graphs)

Allows you to focus on teaching the Physics rather than revising the maths. Ideal to use at any time during the course; great for homework or cover lessons!