Starters and Plenaries for Edexcel GCSE PE

Well worth the money – students enjoyed using the sheets

S Sabberton-Coe, PE & Sport Director and Customer

Inject pace into your lessons and get across the finishing line with these short and stimulating starters and plenaries. Full specification coverage in spec order, designed explicitly for the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) PE specification.

27-40 write-on in-class activities have been carefully designed with a strong focus on classroom learning.

Activities include: Verbal Tennis, Fact file, Draw it, Label your mate, drawing graphs, Interviews, Tweet the lesson, Inspect the text, colour code, debates, sports analysis and loads more…
  • Perfect mixture of activities motivates and enthuses all learning styles
  • Visual links to sporting examples empower deeper understanding and application of knowledge
  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities develops independent and cooperative learning methods
  • Includes opportunity for data interpretation and analysis

Some fantastic ideas to start and end lessons...

...whilst checking for pupil progress and understanding

E Drury, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.
All materials included!

An easy-to-use, pick-up-and-teach resource...

  • Complete teacher’s notes with clear learning aims
  • Instructions and answers for every activity

...for effortless delivery and marking.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6868)

On point. We love the starters and plenaries.
They are always good to get a lesson kick started. Plenaries are particularly useful for setting as an online task. Useful when student's are isolating. They find these easier to use.
You should use Zigzag as the resources are ideally pitched for pupils to use.

R. Flowers, Head of PE and Customer

A very good resource that would be of great benefit to all students studying the Edexcel GCSE PE Specification. There are clear instructions for both teachers and students. This makes the resource very easy to use and saves time when planning lessons. The plenaries offer a fantastic way to consolidate learning at the end of a lesson. The tasks are very well planned and offer a range of tasks for students to complete. Some fantastic ideas to start and end lessons, whilst checking for pupil progress and understanding.

E Drury, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.

Very useful, the starters and plenaries are appropriate and relate well. It incorporates all skills needed for the course.

J Beale, Head of PE & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6866)

Very good – clear and concise. [My] students understanding of topic areas have improved and key points have been reinforced. Well worth the money – students enjoyed using the sheets.

S Sabberton-Coe, PE & Sport Director and Customer

The student worksheets are of a high quality and provide differing levels of challenge. I particularly liked the variation in the activities... which suit learners of different styles. Some are very simplistic, while others are slightly longer and require more in depth thinking skills. The resource has been designed with the specification at the heart... seen by the level of specification detail as well as the key terminology used by the exam board.

S Sheppard, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is easy to understand with the teacher notes being a particular strength. The range of activities is great and gives the teacher ideas to apply the tasks to a range of topic areas. It is simple to follow and provides answers which speeds up planning and helps develop teacher knowledge quickly about the new specification. The tasks are clear and are differentiated for students to push the more able students using explanations and sporting examples. The resources will engage students and help their progress.

T Briggs, PE teacher & Peer Reviewer

Short and succinct and helped recap learning. Their are clear answers that the students can use and learn from. Saves time creating your own.

S Sabberton-Coe, Head of PE & Customer