GCSE AQA Topic Tests

Ensure complete coverage with these topic-by-topic question banks – written specifically for the new AQA GCSE Geography specification (8035).

Within each test, questions progress from short/factual to longer-answer or exam-style. Every test is differentiated with an extension section that can be offered to higher ability students. Tests are provided in a write-on and non-write-on format for flexibility. Full answers are provided so students can return to their completed tests to revise!

  • Every specification subtopic covered
  • Each topic divided into tests which can be undertaken in class or as a homework activity
  • The number of tests per unit allows one test to be set every fortnight over a two year course of study if using the full set of resources
  • Includes clear, detailed mark schemes

Perfect for continued assessment, and progress tracking throughout the GCSE. See which areas your class are strong on & which need a recap.

UNIT 1: Living with the Physical Environment
Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards 9 topic tests covering all four core sub-topics; Natural Hazards, Tectonic Hazards, Weather Hazards and Climate Change.
Section B: The Living World 4 topic tests covering all core and both optional sub-topics; Ecosystems, Tropical Rainforests, Hot Deserts and Cold Environments.
Section C: Physical Landscapes of the UK 7 topic tests covering the core and all three optional sub-topics; UK Physical Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes, River Landscapes and Glacial Landscapes.

UNIT 2: Challenges in the Human Environment
Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges 5 topic tests covering the full core specification section.
Section B: The Changing Economic World 5 topic tests covering the full core specification content.
Section C: The Challenge of Resource Management Three separate resources. Each with 4 topic tests covering the core and selected optional sub-topic content; Food, Water or Energy.