Tales Out of School: Three Original Short Plays for GCSE Drama

Three Original Short Plays with Activities for GCSE Drama

Entertain, engage and challenge your GCSE Drama students with this collection of imaginative and thought-provoking plays written for teenagers, about teenagers. Covering science-fiction, comedy and thriller, each piece offers a different take on typical school life:

Terrific pieces of theatre for young people... The subject matter for all three pieces is powerful and provoking. J O'Hanlan, Drama and English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • 20-minute plays with casts of 4-6 and minimal staging make perfect group-performance pieces
  • Accompanying activities explore key theatrical elements such as staging and characterisation
  • Includes a variety of thematic discussion and writing tasks – ideal for Drama or English lessons

Whether used as assessment pieces or as springboards for discussion, analysis and creative activities, students will exploit these character-driven plays to their full potential.

❶ Bright Futures: A dark vision of a dystopian future in which students are threatened with the most permanent exclusion of all… ❷ Common Ground: A light-hearted comedy revolving around the new Year 11 common room in which the pupils realise they actually have less in common than they thought… ❸ Park-Bench: A sinister take on one of the best-known Drama games in which a student has disappeared in unclear circumstances…