GCSE AQA Teaching Pack: Physical Landscapes in the UK

Full scheme of work, lesson plans and activities designed specifically for the 2016 AQA GCSE specification.

Original and engaging scheme, written by teachers to match the learning objectives of the specification. Simplify your planning, preparation and marking and cultivate pupils’ love for Geography!

  • Structured coverage of all the specification key ideas
    Contains every point your students need to know
  • Includes starters, mains, plenaries, homework and extension with answers provided
    Your whole lesson from start to finish. Answers are ideal for self- or peer-assessment
  • Accessible worksheets with innovative activities to tackle each topic
    Perfect for learners of all abilities

This pack provides a fantastic backbone for you to supplement your SoW with additional activity or skills lessons, deliver topic-by-topic tests to measure your students’ comprehension and progress, and allow you to structure an engaging programme of Geography lessons!

A brilliant resource, has made me feel a lot more relaxed about teaching the new specification as this resource covers everything you need for this section. L. Keeley, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

Written to support a two-year GCSE teaching programme with two taught hours per week. The balance of lessons per topic is divided across the specification according to the examination weighting – provides full spec coverage over the minimum assumed contact time.

UNIT 1: Living with the Physical Environment
Section C: Physical Landscapes of the UK Includes overview lessons to introduce the topic and distinct sections for each of the three optional sub-topics; Coastal, River, Glacial.
Uses a wide range of located examples from across the UK to broaden students' baseline knowledge.