Effective Study Skills for A Level Students

Outstanding resource – provides a great deal of useful material for both student and tutor. K Bell, Sixth Form Tutor & Independent Reviewer

Active reflection and exercises to develop valuable A Level skills, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format:

  1. Skill audits – identifies strengths and weaknesses and helps tutors personalise future activities for each student
  2. Organising themselves – writing a study timetable and collecting exam and course data; vital for efficient revision
  3. Research and writing skills – from researching data and presenting graphs and statistics, to essay-writing tips everything you need whatever subject you’re studying!
  4. Revision strategies – revision timetable and examination technique help students right up to the exam

37 student-centred activities, games, tasks, homework and practical exercises all designed to develop key A Level skills. Worksheets are flexible and can be completed in tutor time or at home. Suited to help students of all levels with any subject.