Amazing PowerPoints for OCR A Level Law

Far superior in every respect to other resources like it... A great time-saving resource for teachers around which many a lesson could be effectively and variedly built.” S Parker, Law Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Liven up Law lessons with 24 expertly-animated PowerPoint presentations, covering each OCR Law topic in detail. Supported with 236 carefully-selected case studies, plus quizzes and discussion points.

The core presentation provides an exciting overview of the course. You can choose to go into depth with case study links and exam relevant discussion questions. Provides the ideal basis for lessons – and great for revision too!

Deliver engaging lessons...

  • Lively animation and quirky humour liven up ‘dry’ topics– perfect for visual learners and lower ability
  • Detailed teachers notes for each presentation – carefully designed to help you deliver each topic with ease
  • Comprehensive case summary links allow you the freedom to tailor lessons to their learning needs – better than ‘simple narrative’ PowerPoints

...and provide excellent revision!

  • Infographic slides are clear concise and consistent in style –memorable explanations of every topic
  • Revision quizzes for both AS topics test students core knowledge – provided in two formats for both verbal or written quizzes
  • Discussion slides summarise pros and cons – great for structuring exam questions

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6377)

This was a well-planned and imaginative resource covering many of the main points of AS Law unit 1 in a colourful and entertaining way... very good both for introducing what can be very dry topics such as judicial precedent and delegated legislation... I would certainly recommend it to my head of department. – P Emerton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Useful Builds up from simple to more complex thus enabling all to follow. It also allows for a teaching pace to suit the group plus chance to question/discuss each stage clearly. Easy to use. A great time saver for teachers.

a rather quirky, visual, innovative, colourful, crisp and nicely presented resource which could be used by students for revision purposes in particular. It is wonderfully presented, dynamic and visual.

This is an excellent resource – one of the best I have seen. It is colourful and very engaging. The pictures add humour to what students often consider dull subjects. The visual element is excellent, as it allows for memory triggers that lists etc. just don’t do. Would you purchasing this resource? Yes, absolutely! I think it’s an excellent visual aid for students and perfect for revision periods. - M Sims, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6378)

Excellent resource and very student friendly, the resource and activities get straight to the point. Very worthwhile for learners and a good starting point for people who are new to teaching - A Christie, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6375)

A new, highly innovative Law resource, which succeeds in its avowed aim of putting the material across in a lively, student-friendly manner, and which has the potential to prove invaluable to a Law Teacher…it succeeds in bringing alive the salient elements of a top and good, relevant cases are cited. It illustrates and interprets the relevant specifications to a high degree, with the potential to strike a chord across all ability levels with its visual impact. I consider it an excellent resource, and would have no hesitation in purchasing it for my students. - B Wyn Davis, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This is far superior in every respect to other resources like it…A great time-saving resource for teachers around which many a lesson could be effectively and variedly built. I am not one of the most skilled or frequent user of ICT materials but this is so easy to use and can readily be seen to promote ‘active’ learning that I would feel perfectly confident in using it. The simplicity of the step by step approach allowing for all groups of learners to benefit. Attractive, clear, lots happening but at a good pace for students. Humour twinned with intelligence which is therefore neither patronising nor a distraction - S Parker, Teacher and independent reviewer