Acting Skills: Unit 3 Teaching Companion (Endorsed)

An excellent resource, that has been put together well and contains just about everything you might need to complete this unit. B Chapman, Head of Performing Arts & Independent Reviewer
Endorsed for BTEC

The complete teaching companion which gives you all you need in one place. It includes:

  1. Lesson Plans – designed to cover 30 GLH and to guide students through Physical and Vocal Techniques and the Rehearsal Process.
  2. Worksheets and Hand-outs – ready-made to hand out, individual log sheets and tracking forms, rehearsal forms and other process worksheets to help them track their progress and monitor their development.
  3. Script Suggestions – to support the assignment and lessons, suggested script titles and extracts from suitable sources have been included.
CD-ROM includes two presentations: vocal terms and Stanislavski.
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"Clear and easy to follow. It is very helpful when delivering the course for the first time." M Turney, Head of performaing Arts and Satisfied Customer