Acting Skills: Unit 2 Teaching Companion (Endorsed)

"A very impressive package. It provides the necessary rigor, guidance and worksheets to enable a learner to achieve up to distinction level if all forms and guidance were used and taken. B Chapman, Head of Performing Arts & Independent Reviewer
Endorsed for BTEC

The complete teaching companion which gives you all you need in one place. It includes:

  1. Lesson Plans – designed to cover 15 GLH and to introduce students to core acting skills and key learning outcomes for this unit, including the application latter and audition piece.
  2. Worksheets and Hand-outs – ready-made to hand out, research sheets and examples, personal performance sheets with examples, and other activity sheets to support lessons.
  3. Student Process Workbook – ready-made to record their evaluation and exploration of external stimulus, characters, production rehearsals, peer performance, and their own development and performance.
  4. Performance Ideas – three stimulus ideas including how to use them and general approaches to using scripted work and devised work for performances.
CD-ROM includes two presentations: Performance Warm Up and Rehearsal Expectations plus stimulus images and a selection of electronic forms which can be edited to suit your classroom needs.