'Technical Topics' Presentations and Worksheets for AQA AS & A Level Computer Science

Animated presentations and follow-up worksheets designed to reinforce the mathematical and logical concepts of the AQA 2015 specification.

An invaluable resource which enables all students to grasp the fundamentals of programming, data structures, algorithms, computation and data representation.

For each topic:

  • Animated presentation providing a step-by-step walkthrough, in the following formats:
    PowerPoint – ideal for teacher-led classroom learning
    HTML5 – compatible with smartphones/tablets
    PDF – perfect for printed handouts
  • Supporting worksheet, offering students the opportunity to apply it for themselves

  • Use in class or as homeworks; to support your teaching or for revision
  • Easy answers for self/peer or teacher marking

Topic List (AS & A Level)

  1. Sequence and Selection
  2. Iteration
  3. Subroutines
  4. Recursion *
  5. Arrays
  6. Stacks and Queues *
  7. Linked Lists and Hash Tables *
  8. Graphs and Trees *
  9. Vectors *
  10. Graph and Tree Traversal *
  11. Reverse Polish Notation *
  12. Searching Algorithms *
  13. Sorting Algorithms
  1. Shortest Path Algorithm *
  2. Big O Notation *
  3. Tracing an Algorithm
  4. Finite State Machines
  5. Regular Expressions *
  6. Maths for Regular Expressions *
  7. Backus-Naur Form *
  8. Turing Machine *
  9. Binary and Hexadecimal
  10. Binary Arithmetic
  11. Two's Complement
  12. Fractions
  13. Error Checking
  1. Bitmapped Graphics
  2. Vector Graphics *
  3. Digital Sound
  4. Data Compression
  5. Encryption
  6. Logic Gates
  7. Boolean Algebra
  8. Assembly Language
  9. Relational Databases *
  10. Structured Query Language *
  11. Normalisation *

* indicates A Level only

Also available: AS-only version for centres not delivering the full A Level

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6063)

High quality and succinct, lots of options for delivery because of the provision of PDF, paper, PPT and HTML files... means I can deliver the content quickly and be confident that the spec is being covered... It is structured, therefore can be used out of the box but can also be broken up to deliver in a different order." - S Rogers, Head of Computing (customer)