Course Companions for AS & A Level Computer Science

Detailed yet accessible student notes for the 2015 A Level AQA Computer Science specification.

270 pages of notes covering the whole A Level theory. Supported with examples, images and diagrams to engage students, and packed with questions and tasks to test their understanding and application of knowledge.

  • Follows the specification content and structure to the letter
  • Code examples given in VB, C#, Python and Pascal (plus generic pseudocode)
  • Answers and solutions for all questions and tasks
  • A-Level-only content highlighted to aid co-teachability
Also available: AS-only version for centres not delivering the full A Level

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6061)

The resource was used for our A-Level course and is being used every lesson and works very well for extended/reinforced learning. We like it very much... It has questions AND code examples in Python – very useful!.. The structure is good, also the questions have been really easy to follow." - A Khan, Computer Science teacher (customer)