A Level AQA Sociology Teaching Packs (2015 Specification)

Tackling the big issues in a big way!

Guide your students to exam success with this complete pack of lesson plans, teaching notes and activities. With full coverage of the new AQA specification, each pack engages with core themes including culture, identity, gender and power.

Filled with key terms and helpful exam tips to focus students and reinforce learning – this is THE definitive guide to AQA Sociology.

Complete scheme of work
  • Detailed lesson plans with clear LOs including starters, mains and plenaries plus interesting homework ideas to encourage reflective thinking

Student-friendly notes
  • Interspersed with contemporary case studies that breathe life into the topic – ideal support for exam answers!
  • Enhanced with images, graphs and diagrams to visually communicate key sociological concepts

Stimulating activities and worksheets to vary your delivery of the topic
  • Recap questions with answers to ensure students retain vital information
  • Engage students in critical and theoretical debate at every opportunity
  • Plus! Regular extension tasks to challenge high achievers!