Client-Side Web Design for KS3/4

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Comprehensive yet accessible theory and practical tasks covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript.. Perfectly pitched at KS3/4, there is no better resource for developing skills and understanding of client-side technologies.

Chapter list:
  1. HTML: Simple HTML
  2. HTML: Tables, Lists and Divs
  3. HTML: Forms and iFrames
  4. CSS: Simple CSS
  5. CSS: The Box Model, Links, Lists and Tables
  6. CSS: Layouts
  7. CSS: Advanced CSS
  8. CSS3 and HTML5
  9. Simple JavaScript

Contains everything students need to create or enhance their own websites!

  • An introduction to client-side technologies and the WWW
  • 9 progressive chapters combine explanations and tips with example code and a wealth of practical tasks
  • Project-style task – consolidates skills covered in Chapters 1-9
  • Interactive 'Try it Out' tool allows students to test and edit every piece of code in their browser!

  • In-depth coverage of the latest standards – HTML5 and CSS3!
  • Each chapter is introduced with learning outcomes, prior knowledge and keywords, and finishes with a chapter summary and quiz (answers included)
  • The perfect independent learning tool for beginners (or quick reference for the more advanced)

Provided as ❶ a hard copy in presentation folder and ❷ a collection of PDF files and HTML, made accessible via an intuitive HTML front end.