Exercises in Computational Thinking

10 scenarios with tasks develop students’ understanding of abstraction, decomposition and algorithmic thinking. Perfect for use at KS4 level, including the new GCSE (9-1) Computer Science specifications!

Scenarios feature a range of ‘real’ problems that students can relate to – greenhouse, paper-rock-scissors, password checker, and more!

For each scenario, students progress through the following tasks:

  • Task A – analyse the problem and identify inputs, processes and outputs
  • Tasks B and C – create visual representations of the problem using flow diagrams and pseudocode
  • Extension – produce a coded solution using a suitable language

Facilitating lessons are visually engaging PowerPoints which include the scenarios, tasks and solutions (including Python3 code for the extension) all in one place!

Use as a standalone resource for problem solving/skills development, or as part of a PoS when teaching relevant topics as part of a curriculum. Each scenario has difficulty grading and skills cross-referencing to aid your planning.