Raspberry Pi Project Pack

10 tried-and-tested projects to help students get the most out of the Raspberry Pi.

Provides a practical approach to delivering computing theory – fantastic for KS3/4 lessons, as well as any RPi enthusiasts outside of lessons.

The projects:

  • Are varied and engaging – ranging from setting up a web server and connecting remotely, to creating games, binary calculators and digital cameras
  • Include the relative difficulty/duration, aims, requirements and equipment to help you integrate RPi work into lessons
  • Are broken down into manageable tasks, including research, program design and program build (Python) tasks, plus extension ideas to push students further
  • Combines instructions with additional theory to develop students' knowledge and practical skill


  • An introduction to the RPi, as well as the components and add-ons that are used in the projects
  • Solutions – including the full working Python3 scripts (also provided on CD)
A comprehensive resource that covers a range of projects, at various levels of complexity... I particularly like the way a large number of computing concepts have been embedded within the projects... allows students to apply theory in a practical manner. It also challenges the students to stretch themselves and to work more independently. A Bennett, Head of Computing & Independent Reviewer