BTEC L1/2 ICT Activity Worksheets

An invaluable way of preparing students for the online exam using a variety of activities to engage all learners... As a standalone resource for busy professionals this is excellent. P Grove, ICT Coordinator & Independent Reviewer

Bridge the gap between learning and assessment with scenario-based activities for Units 1 and 2.

Provides a wealth of options for classwork, homework and revision – with minimal teacher preparation needed.

  • 10 scenarios – based on real-life contexts such as shopping and manufacturing
  • 4 worksheets per scenario – with activities to facilitate learning at both levels:
    ❶ Multiple-choice  ❷ Labelling  ❸ Gap-fill  ❹ Reveal-the-word puzzle
  • Cross-referenced to the unit specification – see which learning aims are covered
  • Full, clear answers – for hassle-free marking (by the teacher or learner)

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5824)

'Great for students to practice questions and learn keywords for the unit.' Jenni Parry, Teacher

As a teacher of this unit, I found the resource very useful. I liked the overall format and the variety of activities. It was easy to follow and I feel that students would like the familiar layout... The breaking down of the Learning Aims was particularly useful and would be helpful for finding help in the text book regarding some answers... The questions were sufficiently testing and would challenge all types of learners... As a stand alone resource for busy professionals this is excellent." - P Grove, ICT Coordinator, independent reviewer