BTEC L1/2 ICT Practice Examinations

Help your students succeed with original practice examinations – available for Unit 1 (The Online World) and Unit 2 (Technology Systems).

For each unit:

  • Three authentic practice papers, provided in two formats: ❶ Photocopiable – hard copy, like conventional exam papers ❷ Electronic form (.docx) – so students can answer the questions on-screen, as they would in the real thing!
  • Clear, detailed mark schemes for each paper – perfect for peer assessment
  • Cross-reference grid shows how each learning aim is covered!
  • Written specifically for the new BTEC Level 1/2 (2012) specification
  • Perfect for revision – and for use as mocks!
An excellent resource... well-researched and maps well to the standards for the unit... will provide an excellent assessment of learners' knowledge and understanding in preparation for the online assessment. K Tucker, HoD & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5689)
"The set of papers had a nice, easy to use layout that would easily become familiar to students... This resource has used different ways of asking questions from inserting words to completing a table. This adds variety to the task which prevents learners becoming bored or afraid they may have too much writing to input." - P Grove, HoD, independent reviewer
"I like the fact that the papers generally follow the specification and consist of a mix of questions that reflect each of the three strands... I feel that the resource enhances learning by giving students some idea of their understanding of the subject material and any areas where they may have gaps in their knowledge." - R Wilson, ICT teacher, independent reviewer
"An excellent resource that will provide a really good basis for the learners to undertake independent activity assessing their own knowledge and understanding... It has been well researched and maps well to the standards for the unit and will provide an excellent assessment of learner's knowledge and understanding in preparing for the online assessment. It provides a good mix of multi question tasks along with questions that require students to explain and justify their responses. This is a great resource for students to undertake independently with a mark scheme that will enable the learners to check their own learning and a great reference that informs learners which questions are mapped to the standards" - K Tucker, HoD, independent reviewer
"A good resource with plenty of suitable questions with good variety... I like the use of up-to-date technology and found the learning aims and answer sheets very good... Layout was clear and concise." - M Mackay - Head of ICT, independent reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5511)
"A good resource that can be used to help students to revise for the Unit 1 exam... This resource has good educational value as it would prepare students with the knowledge of the style and type of questions in the exam and also the layout and structure of the exam itself." - M Price, course leader, independent reviewer
"A good supplement to teaching BTEC ICT... [it] would be valuable as an in-class resource prior to an exam." - O Howson, Head of ICT, independent reviewer
"Very good... A very useful set of questions that engages students and generates discussion... Good reinforcement of learning" - D Fox, ICT teacher, independent reviewer