Antigone Guide for AQA

A comprehensive collection of commentaries and engaging student activities which explore this play from the perspectives of director, actor and designer to specifically support AQA Unit 1 DRAM1 Prescribed Play Section B.

  1. Important contextual, thematic and stylistic aspects of the play
  2. Every section – every section has been covered to ensure study is manageable and comprehensive
  3. Designer, director and actor activities every step of the way
  4. Practice exam questions and invaluable sample essays
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5394)
"One of the best resources I've come across for Antigone at A level. I loved the structure and exploration of each of the possible essay viewpoints in sections of the play. Clearly the author has a spectacular understanding of the text." J Mellor, Drama Tutor
"This is a resource to work in partnership with the AQA specification and it does just that. Clear, logical and understandable. What more can you ask for in a resource?? Everything required i.e. themes, subtext, narrative is apparent within each section of the resource. I particularly thought that it was obvious that the writer had a sound experience of Antigone as a production. It should inspire teachers to teach the subject differently with hopefully even more success within the classroom and ultimately exam results." S Isaacs, Drama Teacher
"Exercises are excellent, I�d definitely use them and practical activities to underpin the written exam. The author of this resource has put in a lot of (highly admirable) work." D Zaman, Drama Tutor and Ind. Reviewer