Spy School: An Introduction to Stanislavski's Method Acting

This resource blows my ideas out of the water. It is perfectly pitched for the lower end of KS3. N Phillips, Head of Drama & Independent Reviewer

A fun, six-lesson Scheme of Work which demystifies the theories behind Stanislavski’s Method Acting techniques using the pretext of your very own Spy School.

In six lessons students train to be MI6 agents, discover how to create new identities and use Stanislavski’s method acting techniques to do it.

Lessons focus on:
  1. Imagination and Belief
  2. Physical Apparatus
  3. Magic If
  4. Tempo and Rhythm
  5. Sense & Emotional Memory
  6. Objectives and Obstacles

The Scheme of Work also includes supporting resources which can be used easily as part of the lesson, quick revision or prompt sheet. The simple format makes it easy for teachers to know exactly what their lesson should entail with very little to no preparation.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5314)
"This is a comprehensive guide to Stanislavski and presented to the pupils through an easy to understand and non-threatening method. The lesson plans are detailed and easy to follow. My students now have a level of knowledge about Stanislavski which will spur them on to find out more about him in GCSE" S White, Drama Teacher and Satisfied Customer
"This resource blows my ideas out of the water. It is perfectly pitched for the lower end of KS3. I think that it hits Year 7 mirroring programmes like MIHigh on CBBC. Attention to detail, like showing ID cards to enter each lesson, are really nice and would capture the imagination of the target audience. My daughter is this age and she has confirmed that she likes the title of the project, the ID cards and what it is about (she did not read it; I paraphrased it!) Both she and I like Agent Stanislavski. A nice touch. Overall the six lessons are well thought through. I think that Stanislavski should be taught in Yr 7 and had last term had a few simple ideas about how it could be applied to text (given circumstance)." N Phillips, Head of Drama and Ind. Reviewer
"Very thorough and an effective way of introducing Stanislavski to younger students. The theme of the 'spy' used as the vehicle to drive forward the scheme works well and I feel will engage the students. The lesson plan format is simply to follow and make it clear the structure to as well as which resources/ handouts are needed for each activity." G Skidmore, Drama Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"A lively, engaging approach to the challenging task of introducing Stanislavski at KS3. A good variety of approaches that should be accessible to the less able with the potential to stretch the more able. I think the resource is of good educational value as it introduces high order concepts (Method Acting) but also basic skills (vocal and physical techniques to create character)." S Burford, Head of Drama and Ind. Reviewer