Role Plays for AS OCR Law

Engage students and deepen their understanding with realistic scenarios to apply their knowledge. 10 role plays covering each step of the legal process and one ‘ultimate role play’ following a single case from stop & search to sentencing. With full instructions for each participant, and supporting material (e.g. mock bail forms, charge sheets, etc.).

‘Review and reflect’ after every role play summarises the outcomes of the trial, highlights learning points and explains how the law is applied in reality. A perfect springboard to subsequent discussion and great for students to keep in their files for revision time.

  • A fun way to consolidate learning and revise, particularly for kinaesthetic learners
  • Builds up skills of teamwork, public speaking, developing arguments and structured decision making
  • Covers AO1, AO2 and AO3
Ten role plays: Stop & Search, Arrest, Bail, Sentencing, Judiciary, ADR, Allocation, Statutory Interpretation (delegated legis), Statutory Interpretation (extrinsic source), Precedent Each role play is for 3–12 students, with teacher notes for how to use each one with smaller or larger classes.

What do teachers say about this resource? (5287)

'New and exciting, I have not had the confidence to tackle role plays before. I particularly like this resource because… it is very structured, organised and relevant. It would take a lot of time and imagination to make this resource myself.' W Reading, Law Teacher and ZigZag Education Customer