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OCR Computing Unit A451 'Technical Topics' Worksheets

Lovely resource - I like the writing style, very well suited to all levels with a GCSE Computing class. C Charles, Computing Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  1. Truth Tables
  2. Logic Gates & Diagrams
  3. Denary ↔ Binary
  4. Binary Addition
  5. Denary ↔ Hexadecimal
  6. Binary ↔ Hexadecimal
  7. Binary Codes and Characters
  8. Digital Images
  9. Digital Sound
  10. Logical Operators
  11. Input Data Validation
  12. Algorithms
  13. Selection Control Flow
  14. Iteration Control Flow
  15. Handling Data in Algorithms
  16. Trace & Testing

Fantastic collection of worksheets designed to help students nail the trickier areas of the specification. Provides practice and reinforcement of 16 'technical topics' – including logic gates, number systems and algorithms

Each worksheet:
  • is cross-referenced to the 2012 OCR Computing specification
  • includes student-friendly notes and worked examples

  • Full solutions allow quick, easy marking – by teachers or students
  • Mark sheet enables students to track their progress and performance
  • Use in class or as homeworks; to support your teaching or for revision

Also provided as an A5 workbook!