BTEC First Travel and Tourism Course Companions (2013 Specification)

Endorsed for BTEC

The Course Companions for Units 1 and 2 are endorsed for BTEC Travel & Tourism Level 1/2 specification (2013).

Comprehensive, student-friendly notes structured in specification order. Each Learning Aim structured into manageable lessons.

  • Includes frequent and varied activities to engage students of different learning styles
  • Recap questions ensure students retain key information
  • Up-to-date case studies apply the theory to the industry
  • Key terms highlighted and defined throughout
  • Answers provided

Exam units: Recap questions build up to exam-style questions
Assignment units: Guided practice assignments prepare students for assessment

A very well-written resource that covers the whole specification... I like the fact that the resource covers the specification in order... The recap questions at the end of each section are very useful and should work as a valuable tool when assessing the knowledge of students... H Abrams, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5453)

'An excellent and very comprehensive resource and will be great for all students to support their studies. The resource includes a lot of different business examples which are all related to the travel and tourism sector so therefore of particular relevance to the students following the course... There are also lots of diagrams/photos within the resource which students can relate to and it also breaks up the text so therefore makes the resource more interesting to navigate... The learning recap questions are helpful and encourage the students to reflect on their reading... I like the fact that there are indicative answers with the questions, so perhaps they could be set as a homework for the students to self-evaluate their learning... It helps learning as students can relate their learning to the various tourism business examples given. The situations can be used as the basis for class discussions... The resource very closely follows the specification.' – J Whatford, Business and Tourism Teacher, Independent Reviewer

'it covers the topics with good detail, provides a good framework for working and would be a good classroom resource to be used as a support for the assignment or to be used as the assignment. this approach helps to consolidate the learning I liked the format with the theory sections and small tasks. I think it covers all key aspects well. It makes sure that all students have a base understanding of the concepts. I felt that there would be a good pace to the module through using this resource. it is a resource I would look to use for further teaching. I think it would be a good resource to have if there are any new teachers or newly qualified teachers for this module/specification to have as a reassurance of all point being covered. The second half of this resource is very strong with the details specific to tourism industry and companies. Good case studies, good examples and activities. Good knowledge shown in the industry specific sections.' – L Howe, Business and Tourism Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5311)

'I thought that this is a very comprehensive resource, which covers the entirety of Unit 2 and provides plenty of relevant information and good exercises for learners to have a go at... I liked that the resource links so well with the Learning Aims of Unit 2 and provides many examples of information relevant to successful completion of those Learning Aims. The resource includes activities for learners to complete in preparation for their assignments and so allows them to check upon their level of understanding as they move through the resource... There is good use of statistical evidence to support points made throughout the resource... Some exercises asks learners to find evidence from the area that they live in, which helps to consolidate learning based upon their own local knowledge and experiences... The resource is well-written... The layout is good with good use of images to break up the textual information as well as the use of tables to change the way in which textual information is presented to the reader... The resource matches the specification very closely and covers all of the relevant Learning Aims effectively. Unit content is fully covered and the resource allows learners to understand the nature of the assessment criteria for the Pass, Merit and Distinction grades.' – A Holmes, Standards Verifier for Travel & Tourism & Independent Reviewer