Macbarova: Comedy Play for KS4

Macbarova is an original comedy play about a school putting on a performance of Macbeth. Also includes teacher’s notes and activities to help with the delivery and staging of the play, and a brief summary of Shakespearian genre and how this play borrows techniques and features from both comedy and tragedy.

  • Running time: approximately 45 minutes
  • Characters: 21

Inexpensive to deliver as a performance piece and particular scenes are great for exploring black comedy, love triangles, and Shakespearian tragedy and comedy. Could be used as audition practice and preparation, as a school performance or incorporated into lessons

Macbarova introduces: Miss Zaharova, a pompous and theatrical diva who clearly believes that, if life were just, she should be with the Royal Shakespeare Company; ghosts, three girls who claim to tell the future and a very important fish! As the writer expresses, “it’s certainly intended to be a comedy and if anyone ends up crying through its reading or performance, then that will be the tragedy!